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Gas Log Sets
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Gas Log Sets

Nothing matches the fireplace as an inviting gathering place for family and friends. The beauty and warmth of the fire has attracted us since fire was first discovered. At Ferrier's Fireplace shop you'll find the only the high quality, longest lasting and realistic gas logs sets.

Our log sets offer:
Natural Beauty – replicates natural wood fire
Warmth- - twice the heating efficiency of a
  wood fire
Convenience – no dirty wood and ashes, no
  bugs, no sparks
Superior Materials- refractory ceramics,
  expanded shales and aggregates

Choosing the Right Gas Log
Gas logs come in two basic formats –
vented log sets and vent-free log sets. A vented log set must be used in a normal fireplace, designed to burn wood and run with the flue damper wide open. Vent-free log sets can be used in a normal fireplace or in a prefabricated vent-free firebox that has no chimney and runs with the damper closed.

If you want to see large flames and aren't concerned about getting heat form the log set, then you will want to choose a vented gas log. If you are planning on heating part of your home or are looking for an auxiliary heat source, then you will want to choose a vent-free model.

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